5 performance pillars

April 26, 2016
Michael Walker

How motiv delivers measurable results for: SALES ORGANIZATIONS

We have observed and believe that sales rarely increase for a business without a consistently amazing customer experience. For sales organizations, the reality of this is undeniable today more than ever before. The boom of convenient of online sales floods the marketplace with a refreshing option for consumers who are less than thrilled with their face-to-face buying experiences. Business owners realize it’s ultra-competitive and challenging to earn a small share let alone a majority share of a consumer base in your area or industry. Unless you are one of the few brands with an exclusive product or service unavailable elsewhere, you better have something special to distinguish and differentiate yourself from the competition. It’s been proven, the most essential way to differentiate yourself in a competitive marketplace is through the consistent delivery of an exceptional customer experience. Without that reality in your business no one should expect to attract more customers and generate more revenue; and 100 million people surveyed have backed up this theory.

A superior customer experience sets the foundation for the highest achieving, sustained businesses – and here is how motiv supports that reality:

motiv’s 5 pillars of performance:

•Superior, not Satisfied. Why? Satisfied customers are not necessarily loyal customers. Companies who are serious about driving performance metrics must dedicate themselves to delivering superior customer experiences as the only acceptable option from internal team members.

•Loyalty drives growth. The transformation from browser to buyer, one time visitor into regular customer, and regulars into advocates only occurs with superior customer experiences. Amazing sales metrics can be obtained with minimal expense when this objective becomes a company-wide imperative.

•Inconsistency kills brands. The customer loyalty battle is won or lost at the individual customer touch points. Multi-unit companies need to improve unanimously and to do that, need a full set of customer experience data results collected at each individual unit to become actionable on.

•Problems are disguises as opportunities to create loyalty. We’ve all got our share of customer service problems. Recognizing how your teams are dealing with those issues is crucial to the growth of the organization. Problems present us with the ability to become “Superheroes” in the world of service and sales once we learn how to convert unhappy customers into brand promoters.

•Our people create brand loyalty. Without highly satisfied and engaged employees, it’s impossible to generate highly satisfied customers. Smart businesses identify ways to improve not only the customer experience but more importantly the employee experience which drives it.

motiv consults your business to new performance standards.

Once you have determined what your victory looks like we initiate our process to identify the most impactful opportunities to help you convert your expectations. Targeted observations and thorough questioning drive us to a custom solution complete with post action planning to ensure you not only arrive at your desired outcome, but also sustain the results.

We motivate our clients to examine a wide range of powerful yet often overlooked details focused around human interactions. Then we execute a game plan to support them with coaching processes that ignite the best performance out of their teams [see our blog entry ‘Mik-ULL’ for a great example of the details we draw attention to].

Let us know what you think about our performance pillars and let’s find your motiv!

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