motiv courses

Delegate + Develop

Objective: Increase productivity for self and support the development of others through popper distribution of tasks

Description: Participants will explore and discuss the challenges of distributing tasks to others and improve upon their willingness and success in doing so. Recognizing obstacles in delegation, learning tips to delegate better and action planning how and to whom you will delegate to upon your return to the workplace are all aspects of this course.Intended Audience: This course is designed for leaders who work with teams and or have direct reports.

Effective Communication

Description: Participants will explore the realities and challenges they face in the workplace while engaging with staff in various situations including meetings, feedback sessions and interviews and practice improving inside each.

Objective: Increase the positive impact of our communication, thus increasing the likelihood of others to willingly follow our lead

Founded Decision Making

leaders examine factors to help formulate the most effective decisions during situations where all options may not be ideal. Participants will examine their responsibilities and define priorities, goals and performance metrics to determine how to best impact short and long term decisions. Delivering decisions founded in the values of the organization that maximize results while minimizing downsides are the goals for this course.


This workshop bookends the interviewing practices to bring the best producers into your business. Leaders will not only explore how to engage before during and after the interview but also how to maximize the effectiveness of a new employee from day one.

Motivating Environments

Incentive Plan Development

Objective: Leaders learn how to foster an environment that is motivating for all team members to thrive and produce their best work in.

Description: Participants will learn to build incentive programs that truly drive performance in areas and times of opportunity.

Predictor Interview

Description: Participants will explore the pros and cons of different interviewing styles and be taken through activities which allow them to recognize what personal barriers they bring to the interview which hinders obtaining the best employees for the role they are hiring. Practice time will be given to experiment with designing and delivering behavioral based interviews targeted at the actual positions they hire for.  Every aspect of the interview process from creation, to following up with interviewed candidates and making a final selection can all be covered in a comprehensive workshop or academy.

Intended Audience: This content is designed for managers responsible for conducting interviews and leaders who are intended to take on interviewing responsibilities as a part of their development.

Objective: Achieve proficiency in designing and delivering an effective interview that identifies the best candidates while being legally defensible.

Managers into Coaches

Objective: refine skills that exemplify effective coaching and promote feedback delivery that yields a conclusive impact on performance goals and employee retention.

Overview: Transitioning a management role into that of an effective coach is the incredible reward of this course. Intense observation and feedback sessions are at the core of this d4 format curriculum. Individual and group contributions create the live interactions that help participants identify the most effective ways to impact a coaching session from multiple perspectives.

academy 1 sets the foundation for learners to identify their strengths and opportunities as coaches, and pairs them with tools to maximize effectiveness and minimize resistance. Easy to use coaching models are part of the takeaways to be used in both formal and informal coaching opportunities.
academy 2 dives deeper into the preparation and design of feedback where graduates will explore how to craft conversations designed for specific individual personality types that exist in their environment. Learners will explore solutions to increase the receptiveness of their feedback for employees with more challenging performance opportunities and who are less engaged to the coaching process.

Priority Management

Description:  Personal and environmental limits around time and priority management are assessed and explored through a number of exercises designed to provide learners with the tools and mindset to make the most of their 86,400 seconds each day. Participants check their ‘balance levels’ between work and personal activities against the true output of each and identify where adjustments can benefit productivity as well as their happiness.

Intended Audience: This course is designed for leaders of all levels who wish to improve the effectiveness of their time resource.

Objective: Identify the best use of your time to accomplish what needs to get done while affording time to spend on what you want to do, with the best balance possible.

Service to Experience

This workshop is about converting your current customer service efforts into a true customer experiences that yield loyalty and amazing sales results as a by-product.

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