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To be entrusted with the responsibility of developing teams is an absolute honor. One of the greatest compliments we ever receive occurs when someone feels so strongly about the experience we deliver that they recommend us to another; and we want to show our appreciation for that. We would like to thank you for passing along your motiv mohawk ducks in effort of referring new clients whether you’re a motiv client or not. When your power of suggestion connects us with a new client, we reward everyone involved. Motiv gives you up to $500 for each qualified referral, as well as $500 to your referral to use towards their first motiv project. Give a Duck- get 500 bucks, it’s really that easy; but because we live in a world of lawyers and legalese, here’s the official details:

Program Details and Eligibility:

The person making the referral of motiv services shall be referenced as “Referring Agent” hereafter. The person or business being referred to motiv shall be referenced as “the Referred”.

Referring agents may choose to receive either: A) a $500 credit towards their next motiv service rendered of equal or greater value, or B) a $250 cash reward in the form a (Visa/MasterCard/American Express) gift card. Credits toward motiv services can be applied to any service not already paid for (not applicable to past services paid for). Gift cards will be issued to the agent or administrator of the client company within 30-60 days of completion of eligibility requirements and notice to motiv. Gift Cards will be sent to address on file for agent via USPS unless otherwise requested and approved with motiv in advance.

Referral credits earned may be saved for future use by the referring agent for as long as the referral program is active and the agent or client maintains a good standing relationship with motiv. When multiple referrals have been made and confirmed eligible for earned credits, client may use more than one referral credit ($500) earned towards future services, not to exceed the full value of services being rendered at that time. In the event the client has accrued referral dollars in excess of the amount of new/next service rendered, the referral (balance) amount which exceeds the final cost of the new project will remain in the client’s “bank” for future use.

Although the “motiv mohawk duck” is a promotional tool for the support of the referral program intended to be physically given from one client to another, possession of the “motiv mohawk duck” is not required for referral credit eligibility.

Referring agent is eligible for credits or dollars only after the referred client has booked, received completion of services rendered and completed payment in full for services to motiv. The referred client must book and complete payment for services $2500 or greater to be eligible for referral credit dollars and to make referring agent eligible for any referral credits/dollars paid or accrued.

Referred client is eligible to receive referral credits or dollars as a “referred” and are considered new to motiv only once regardless of time in between services rendered. Referring agent may refer an unlimited number of clients; motiv reserves the right to accept or refuse any request to become a client, referred or not, at their sole discretion.

No referral credits or dollars will be awarded for referrals of persons or groups within or from the same business/company of the referring agent.

In the event that the same client is referred by more than one referring agent, the earliest referral received by motiv will govern and only one referral will be considered for the determined referring agent and referred client.

The referring agent must agree to have their name, and the name of the company they are affiliated with shared with motiv; and the referred must also accept the referring agent as their sponsor with visibility into their progression.

Referral credits may not be combined with any other promotional offers or discounts on the same purchase or project unless specifically stated and approved by motiv in advance.

This referral program may be discontinued or modified at any time and at the discretion of motiv for any reason deemed necessary for the protection of itself and its clients.

Referring agents are not required to be clients of motiv however must be at least 18 years of age and eligible to work in the United States to be eligible for awards.

motiv may require recipients of any awards to sign an affidavit of eligibility and liability/publicity release. All expenses not specified herein, including, without limitation, all federal, state and local taxes, are each recipient’s sole responsibility.

Any disputes or discrepancies as as result of interpreting these rules will be rectified and ultimately decided upon by motiv