March 19, 2016
Michael Walker

So you’ve probably read or heard one of us say this before:

‘We motivate our clients to examine a wide range of powerful yet often overlooked details and support them with coaching behaviors that ignite the best performance out of their teams.’

Now we would like to give you the most basic example of what we mean:

The ‘Mike-ULL’ story

While examining abundant details of where sales professionals succeed and fail most frequently, an important and often overlooked detail become glaring. I noticed more and more people addressing others in an assumed shortened version of their name, and I questioned why. Samantha became Sam. Christopher became Chris. Stephen became Steve. Jennifer became Jen and Michael became Mike; but why? After purposely introducing myself as Michael, I would ask people who had just addressed me as Mike, “Why didn’t you call me Ralph?” With a bewildering smile and sometimes a mild laugh, most would reply with a cavalier confusion, “Because your name isn’t Ralph!”

Just as Ralph is not Michael, Mike is also not Michael. And let’s not pretend that the extensive 30 second relationship you now have with me is enough to place us in a status where you have earned the right to address me the way a childhood friend or family member might. You know me as nothing other the specific single word I just provided you with. You just asked me my name, I told you Michael, yet you decided to call me something different – Mike. Soon (if you’re a sales person) you will be asking me for money, yet you haven’t even displayed the most basic respect as to call me by the name I just told you; Michael. You might want to believe that Mike and Michael are the same, or that one is just the shortened version of the other; however that just is not true. They are in fact two unique names and I just learned volumes about how interested you are in caring about me as an individual.

The principle.

There is no word or sound that you will ever hear in your entire life that will have more emotional impact on you than hearing the sound of your first name. You were able to recognize and understand your first name being said before you could speak. As an infant you could recognize someone saying your name due to the repetition, tone and frequency at which it was said to you. Even today there are probably times at which you think you have heard someone say your name from a far, and reacted to what you heard whether they said your name or merely something that only rhymed with it. Your first name is one of if not the most personal thing you have to identify yourself by. When someone says it, it evokes an emotional reaction that is familiar, comforting and extremely intimate. When someone chooses to alter your name, the opposite effect comes true. It fails to evoke that positive chemical reaction and naturally will create a less than positive sensation inside you. Successful sales professionals have no choice but to be sensitive to this reality and not allow themselves to get lazy with their behaviors, like the proper use of an individuals names.

One of the most common questions I get asked as a sales coach is “Hey Mike, what tips can you give me to help me close more sales?” After hearing ‘Mike’ to initiate the conversation, the most fitting response is “Until you recognize the importance of the initial greeting, there is not much anyone could do to help you close sales with predictable consistency.”

I get a kick out of hearing “Mike…[wait for it]…ULL” as my uniquely pronounced name from conscientious past participants of my workshops. It proves they are aware of their power of influence and are working to include techniques in their day to day encounters.

We examine raw, indisputable details as such during your consultation to achieve your desired results and help you reach your victory.

Our simple ideology –

Regardless of the business or situation, we are all working to manage and influence relationships with people. The decision to take action and improve the skills that better engage with the diversities of people, marks the consequential moment we begin our surge towards greatness.

let’s find your motiv!

What stories do you have about the intricacies of interacting with people? We would love to hear and respond to your comments below! Cheers!


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