motiv missions

motiv missions are high activity team building experiences that are customized to fit any location, duration, group size and learning objective your team requires.

With the integration of our intelligent web based software, not only are motiv missions scalable to meet your exact needs, they can even be conducted in multiple locations simultaneously. For organizations with individuals or offices spread out across the country, or even around the world, we can unite them into a single shared experience that allows them to engage and bond with one another them like never before. Teams are formed with captains to lead them and team members are given access codes to receive the mission agendas directly on their smartphone devices to interact with throughout the mission. You have full control to include the amount of exploration, interaction and problem solving your teams will be challenged with to complete the mission in the time limits you provide.

every mission is unique

motiv missions are designed to deliver the true team building results you want, with measurable results that last!

Our performance consultants begin the process by learning exactly what you want out of the event to ensure the right mix of entertainment and learning exploration happens for your team. Time available to dedicate to the event, locations to hold your event, indoor/outdoor setting and group size become the initial building blocks used to create the perfect experience for the results you want.

At the heart of your motiv mission is an amazing smartphone interface participants use to guide, capture and track their activity throughout the event. Event administrators have access to a web based interface with a dashboard that provides real time updates displaying teams progress through the missions. We set up a headquarters for your administrative team (if applicable) and your event manager to watch, track, score and even adjust your mission requirements on the fly for added challenges. It’s password protected giving your and your group exclusive access to your event details. Whether a few hours, a day or even multiple days – we have endless options to design the perfect experience your team will be excited to join.

missions + challenges
display the action
celebrate the experience during + after
package includes

missions + challenges

Each motiv mission experience includes a series of challenges for participants to complete. We create your group’s challenge agenda from our catalogue pre-built activities or can design custom tailored challenges specific to your brand and overall objectives.

Missions are built with your brand and team in mind and get assigned a point values and optional links or photos to provide helpful information We can even set up challenges that are GPS trackable to verify destinations have been reached with specified map coordinates arranged in advance.

display the action

Our real-time activity dashboard displays team rankings, postings of team answers submissions, photos and videos that you’re able to see as they happen! The dashboard can be made viewable for everyone during the event or kept private only for the administrators to use until the mission time expires and the winners are revealed and celebrated!

celebrate the experience during + after

Capturing the excitement of your motiv mission event has never been easier. Our platform gives you the ability to sort and review submissions by individual team or challenge and adjust scores on the fly. Want to recognize a team for a stellar photo submission with extra bonus points; or dock a team’s points for less than stellar contributions? It’s all possible with our easy to use enhanced software. Teams can share the excitement of your event by uploading their pictures and videos directly to facebook or twitter, should you choose to enable this feature, with the click of a button.

Since the photos, videos and mission responses created by your teams make up the memories and long term benefits, they’re all yours to keep at the completion of the event. The mission software collects all submissions made by your team, organizes it for easy sorting and is delivered to you in a single zip file. Create slideshows from the photos taken, send out team rankings and commemorate the winners to keep the morale high. The benefits from what you can do with the submissions your team collect are huge and we want you to convert on your investment for months to come. We support your post event experience by helping you establish a review and debriefing plan based on the data submitted by your teams. This is a great way to identify gaps and opportunities for further development. Our goal is to deliver a measureable ROI for your organization in addition to the most memorable and entertaining event you will ever have.

package includes

  • A motiv mission custom built and branded for your organization and event theme
  • password-protected smartphone application for each participant
  • Access to the live dashboard and activity stream online
  • The option to add on custom challenges on the fly
  • Ability to upload content directly to facebook and twitter as it happens
  • A download of data submission from your teams delivered at event completion
  • A motiv performance consultant as your mission director throughout the event

sample motiv mission concepts + themes:

Elite Leadership

A series of challenging activities which require extreme out of the box thinking and problem solving elevate leaders into a new mode of understanding how to function in their role. This thought provoking and fun mission series can be done indoors and group size in only limited by the venue itself.

An exploration tour of a designated area, city, building or campus

Designate destinations teams must visit to earn points all while building new relationships as they conquer exciting challenges together.

Random acts of motivation

Teams engage in adjacent departments or into the surrounding community executing acts of kindness and motivation upon individuals they encounter. This rewarding mission gives back for months and  years as karma tends to cause these good deeds to be returned back to their original source. Not to mention a great way to spread brand awareness and represent your brand in a simple and genuine fashion.

So...this one customer...

Conducting real interviews, hilarious mock interviews, reenacting and role playing real world scenarios and creative humor is what this activity is based on. Participants document performances and their solutions to solving the imposed obstacles that exist during our efforts for consistently satisfying customer experiences.

Real World

Participants reverse roles and become customers and consumers within your industry (or purposefully selected comparable industry) to experience filters and amplifiers in the purchasing and selection process your organization is scrutinized by. A thorough debrief is conducted analyzing their findings afterwards to identify and capitalize on opportunities within their function.

Multi-media game show

‘My Company’s Got Talent’, ‘A Minute To Win It’ or ‘Trivia Challenge’ like game shows are reproduced around your organization’s brand and current learning objectives in a fast paced competition for points and prizes.

Hey...I know you!

Increase communication frequency and effectiveness and the overall performance results between cross functional team members with these fun and engaging networking missions. Team members build trust, and credibility with one another as they are gently pushed from their comfort zones in activities designed to learn about each other’s strengths while building productive relationships.

sample challenges which can be conducted entirely indoors:


This activity begins many of our courses and is repeated throughout which allows a demonstration of progress and development of learned skill sets within the participants. Stimulates energy, observation skills, competition with a game that requires amazing reaction times and concentration that is then linked to your workplace behavior essentials.

Birthday Line Up

This silent activity challenges participants to consider the interpretation skills when digesting instructions as well as explore how to communicate with others in non-verbal forms. The leadership hierarchy also presents itself for contemplation in this activity.


Communication, and the breakdowns of communication are experienced in this team versus team competition. Frustrations and/or celebrations that naturally occur provide relatable ties to workplace habits. Participants get to experience the pressures of being a leader and must deliver instructions with split second reaction times.

Blind Squares

Efficiencies and adaptation of teams occurs in this activity that turns the floor into a human sized board game. Members select a “Map Keeper” who informs them of their success or lack thereof as they navigate through a maze only with the encouragement of their teammates guides them to the finish.

Helium Float

Teams learn how essential it is to learn to pace themselves with their teammates. Without perfect synchronization of the group’s movements, it’s easy to let this activity get away from you.

Speed Ball

The impossible happens here and teams are pushed to the limits when they have to create “A Product” as quickly as possible. Goal setting, Stretch goal setting, team to team collaboration, patients and out of the box thinking are required to succeed at this game. Participants will accomplish things they never thought would be possible if they work together and pay attention.

3 Things, 3 More Things…

This is the activity where the rubber meets the road and the importance of commitments is recognized as participants get pushed way out of their comfort zones. Recognizing how we react in a situation of discomfort pushes our recognition and appreciation for leveraging others to succeed. This activity concludes with the acquisition of an Accountability Buddy for post workshop execution on the identified opportunities of growth.

Photo Finish

Can you get your team across the line simultaneously? Teams will have to be inventive and choreographed with one another to complete this game with the precision it requires. Photo finish is not about coming close, it’s about getting it done in perfect unison. How close will teammates get to win this challenge?

sample challenges which span a designated outside area:

History Buff

Locate the oldest historical monument in Ohio City. Take a photo or video re-enacting a moment in history with this monument.
-confirm with GPS location confirmation upon arrival and describe history event in caption

Natural Leader

Record a team member delivering a speech or presentation to at least 19 attentive onlookers.
-capture video and send with title of presentation in caption

Dance Monkeys!

Get at least 7 people to celebrate life and dance in a public space! [Entire team must be in photo and at least 2 dancers must be strangers] -capture and send photo or video with your best caption attached

Celebrity Doppleganger

Find a stranger who looks like an A-list celebrity. [500 bonus points to the greatest likeness] -capture and send photo or video with name of celebrity attached

Exact Change

Obtain a receipt for exactly $0.19 of gas. At least one team member must be in photo.
-capture and send photo of receipt proof

Well Connected

Collect at least 10 unique business cards. [bonus points awarded for the business cards with most exotic details] -capture and send photo of one team member holding cards collected

motiv mission FAQs:

Do you happen to have a ‘Top-Ten’ list of tips to ensure my motiv mission event runs smooth?

Funny you should ask, in fact we do. Not too much to be concerned with here as your Mission Director will be present and prepared to handle just about any challenge that may arise. However since we are incorporating technology into this event some preparation is required.

  1. Ensure all participants arrive with a fully charged device battery [We encourage bringing chargers and or power banks to the venue and will provide a few for each device type for use as well].
  2. Distribute the instructions we provide for smooth device operation during event [including: close all non motiv mission apps and turn off bluetooth to conserve battery life, turn off ringers to prevent unnecessary distractions]
  3. Prepare Wi-Fi connections and passwords if needed in areas of poor cellular data connection [we can arrange for mobile Hotspots to be available if necessary. Be sure to check for availability in advance if needed]
  4. Dress properly for the weather and possible changes to weather if your event or portions of it will occur outdoors.
  5. Arrange for vehicle driving groups and be sure to promote safe driving at all times during event for missions that explore unwalkable distances.
  6. Promote your event and create excitement early to ensure participants are prepared and excited to take part in the events.
  7. Determine strategic group pairings or provide a selection process to your MIssion Director ahead of time if you want to create specific teams consisting of certain members.
  8. Any specific items or tools your custom mission requires for teams to create should be procured and and coordinated with your MIssion Director prior to event start.
  9. Be sure to set aside time after the event has ended to work with your Performance Motivator to review your data and prepare your post event debriefing.
  10. Be ready to have fun, arrive with an open mind and get ready for your best event ever.

Do all attendees have to have a smartphone to participate?

No. Only 1 team member (team captain) must have a smartphone for the team to use and respond with however the more team members that connect with the app the better.

What type of devices is the app compatible with?

The app works on both Apple iphones and Android smartphones.

Where do we get the app and how much will it cost on each device?

Your Mission Director/Performance Motivator will send your administrators and team captains links with all essential details to connect to the interface. The downloads are free and made available in the Apple App Store and on the Google Play Store.

Does the app require internet connection to work?

Yes. The mobile application requires a connection to the internet to enable real time updates and submission of data collection to the leaderboard interface.

How many people can we include in a single motiv mission?

While there are limitations to the total number of TEAMS we can connect to the application, the actual number of participants can be in the hundreds without any issue other than venue accommodations.

How much does a motiv mission event cost?

As each session is custom or semi-custom built for each organization we work with prices vary. Number of participants, length of event, consultation time required and most importantly achieving your desired ROI are a few of the factors we will want to know more about to deliver an accurate quote for your event. Give us a call, we will be more than happy to create an event that fits your budget.

I still have more questions, where can I learn more about designing a motiv mission event for my team?

Call 216.438.0888 to speak directly with a performance consultant and we will be happy to begin working on your best event ever right away.