custom consulting projects + results

franchise gap

project | a 9 part leadership series delivered via web nationally
client | franchised division of a major US telecom brand
objective | close gaps identified in management practices

Areas of opportunity were identified through performance comparisons of corporate owned vs. independent franchised retail stores. Contrasts found, after analyzing their operational standards, led to designing and coordinating the delivery of 9 web-based workshops for the franchisee groups. Over 140 Account Executives, Directors and Principal owners voluntarily took advantage of the original workshops. The dynamic sessions targeted business results and performance from a well researched and insightful perspective of leadership development.

result | “These workshops were key to our region’s 13% lift in YOY sales growth.” reported by VP of Sales

new Zealand experience

project | design and implement a nation-wide enhanced customer experience process
client | a leading telecom provider in new zealand
objective | minimize anticipated subscriber loss during a planned nation-wide network technology conversion

Design and deploy a customer experience project aimed at touching over 1.7 million customers during a nation-wide network technology conversion. The project was comprised of classroom training, in-store observations and process coaching of all retail associates; designed to be led and owned by the client’s internal training department after completion of the initial 6 month rollout.

result | While helping customers endure the extreme challenges during the network conversion, motiv consultants led the client’s highest performing stores in conversion rates during the program’s initial launch. The effective adoption of the project allowed the client to successfully maintain their narrow margin as the nation’s leading communication brand.

WTF | worst to first

project | a customer experience emergency intervention
client | a top US fortune 100 retail chain
objective | improve customer experience scores

When Northern California was identified as the lowest performing region in the nation for the client’s primary performance metric, Customer Satisfaction, an improvement intervention was imminent. Astute observations illustrated where new, non-negotiable expectations had to be reset, and were implemented during the busiest retail period of the year, ‘Black Friday’. Not only did the insightful adjustments help the region exceed the original goals set for Customer Satisfaction, they resulted in leading the entire region.

result | The Customer Satisfaction scores of 62% beginning the project, catapulted to 107% metric attainment by month end – all while maintaining the same staff and incurring zero turnover.