workshops + academies


Workshops are powerful sessions delivered in a day or less to sharpen skills and gain new tools proven to drive performance. Challenging discussions, activities and brainstorming sessions push participants to evolve a more complete competency for their role.


Academies offer a more intense and deeper concentration around specific skill development. Energizing sessions delivered over multiple days submerge learners into behavioral changing activities that get exercised in groups; and upon completion learners graduate with certificates of mastery.


motiv offers 3 different program builds to ensure performance goals are met while managing budgets and schedule availability.

pre-built, custom + semi-custom


 discuss  |  decide  |  design  |  demonstrate

Our courses are founded on the d4 format. Workshops begin with thorough discussions to introduce all participants to the agenda, overview and theories that impact the subject matter. The discussions continue with input from participants where they get to hear various opinions on the ideas shared and decide what they feel benefits them most in their function. From there they will have the opportunity to design their approach to implement the concepts back at the workplace. And lastly they get a chance to practice the ideas in real life with peers as well as receive feedback on their progress.

motiv courses

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motiv team building

is not about holding hands and singing KUMBAYA.
Motiv team building challenges groups to brainstorm, experiment and grow to accomplish more tomorrow than they ever have before. We design all activities with a focus on organizational goals and conclude the experiences with time to reflect and promote action on the learned concepts, after the event has ended, back on the job. To be more specific, comfortable shirts and shoes are required. Everyone is out of their seat and mobile as soon as the workshop begins. The purposeful action will transform your team’s unity with ingenuity. .

energizers | workshops | retreats

We design events that address the mental limits placed upon ourselves and shatter them with well orchestrated group activities that stimulate out of the box thinking. With a quick energizer or a multi-day think tank retreat, the motiv team will deliver an experience that will forever change the performance dexterity of your team. Although the tasks at hand are always results driven, smile sore cheeks and occasional tears from extensive laughter are the byproducts of our entertaining and engaging events..

motiv missions

results driven compete + seek team building

+ real time status updates and answer submissions via smartphone and web applications

motiv missions are high activity team building experiences that are customized to fit any location, duration, group size and learning objective your team requires

With the integration of our intelligent web based software, not only are motiv missions scalable to meet your exact needs, they can even be conducted in multiple locations simultaneously. For organizations with individuals or offices spread out across the country, or even around the world, we can unite them into a single shared experience that allows them to engage and bond with one another them like never before. Teams are formed with captains to lead them and team members are given access codes to receive the mission agendas directly on their smartphone devices to interact with throughout the mission. You have full control to include the amount of exploration, interaction and problem solving your teams will be challenged with to complete the mission in the time limits you provide.

motivational events


let’s face it.

Sometimes things get stale in the repetitive routines of our day to day operations. Prolonged periods without the right stimulation can lead to an erosion in performance, employee turnover and ultimately customer dissatisfaction. Invigorate your team with a powerful speaker who can deliver your message with a fresh and dynamic tone. To highlight successes at a meeting or kick off an event to rollout new products or services; we build highly interactive events that win your audience’s attention every time. It’s the enthusiasm and energy of our experienced speakers that earned us our name: motiv

motiv consulting

elevates performance and increases efficiencies for individuals and cross functional teams within organizations of all disciplines.

Decades of business successes, and failures, guide our pursuit to extract the most from your talent pool with a made-to-order strategy. Targeted observations and thorough questioning drive us to a custom solution complete with plans to ensure you not only arrive at your desired outcome, but also have the tools to sustain the results.

specializing in:
  • Customer Experience Improvement
  • Interviewing & Recruiting
  • Mystery Shopping / Observations
  • Reducing Employee Turnover
  • Sales System Coaching / Development
  • Mystery Shopping
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