responses to the motiv experience

absolutely dynamic
…blew me away…
…undoubtedly World Class Training.
they bring talent, creativity, energy and passion to everything they do
Ahhhhh – mazing!
“Michael is one of the rare people who can capture an audience’s attention, keep it throughout his message or conversation, and improve a business metric as a result of the interaction. His track record of tackling a situation head on and then delivering an idea that is unique and easily implemented is impressive. I would call upon Michael any time I needed to motivate someone to modify his/her behavior in a way where the end user believes in it.”
Erik W. National Trainer and Coach
“I had the pleasure recently of participating in two training sessions that Michael led. The first was an internal meeting with the consumer management team. You could tell by his interaction with this team that he had their confidence & trust. He was able to get participation from virtually everyone with ideas flowing with energy and a sense of urgency to get it right. I think we all went away with ideas that that change the way we do business. At least I did. Thanks Michael for the effort and enthusiasm.”
Don R. National Account Manager - Credit Union Program
“Michael, I would like to a take a moment to say thank you – your presentation has made a difference with my team!!! Thank you! Seriously, I have had the pleasure of seeing you three times – every time I take away a wealth of information and the knowledge for success. We would like to invite you to our hidden jewel anytime you are in the area – feel free to stop bye.”
Bernice B. Store Manager
“Hello Michael…I am getting commitments from all the folks but just wanted you to see how impacting you can be!!! I truly appreciate you spending time with the Michigan team to help make us more successful! It is a “treat” to attend your sessions!!! Bring on the party! ☺ ”
Dee K. Indirect Account Executive
“Michael – I want to THANK YOU MUCH on behalf of the East Michigan Indirect Team for dedicating your time and conducting this training for our dealers. I have had an incredible positive feedback from many attendees so far (and a full day has not even gone by yet. ☺ It was a great experience for me personally, our team and our dealers. You are a great trainer, motivator, coach and “entertainer” that kept the audience engaged, got the basic points across, got them motivated and you definitely left a “skid mark” that I was looking for! We truly appreciate your time, passion and commitment!
Yanna D. Indirect Sales Manager
“We had our Kokomo and Mishawaka store managers as well as Matt and myself in Mr. Walker’s training. I have since taken parts of it to the rest of our Store Leadership teams. What I can say is that reps are now coming and asking when they will get another coaching session. The reps are LOVING the feedback from the store managers and ASM’s. I would like to get Michael here as soon as possible for 2 days so we can get our full SM & ASM teams in front of him.
John C. Director of Retail Sales for Grant Communications
“Michael-Hey just wanted to drop in and let you know that the training course helped me in a big way over the weekend. I remember you talking about keeping brochures around and being open to showing them the prices and plans. Well I had a customer come in and told me it was between us and (competitors),, I had a brochure handy. Went through both plans with them and was honest with them. The guy was so pleased he went with us, and it was a 10 line deal! Just wanted to drop by and say thanks for the knowledge and it has helped in the short term! Thank you”
Josh G. Whitehall Sales Consultant
“You “blew me away”. I just wanted to tell you that this training really opened my eyes. Words cannot express how much you blew me away this week. It is something that I will carry with me always. It’s people like you who make me love what I do. Cheers! And take care of yourself.”
Joe D. Store Manager
“Hi Michael, I just wanted to thank you on that awesome training that you provided for us. I will take everything I learned and relay it to all of the team. Thank you for making it personal and giving us another great resource. This was the best training I have gone to and will always remember it. Once again thank you for everything today it was amazing!”
Scott P. Store Manager
“Mike, this is Chad from Orbit-Tech Tecumseh. That was probably the best training I have been to in the last 5 years. Thank you! Is there anything like this lined up for the sales reps? Thanks”
Chad N. Store Manager
“Michael, I did want to thank you again for coming out, and I did make some changes of your observations and I wanted to thank you for working with Jimmy, I see a big needed difference! I do like the new coaching sheets that you brought out to the store, and I think these sheets have a better impact on the rep and gets their involvement- we are going to use these from now on, so good Job, and thanks!!!
Tyson B. Store Manager
“Mike, since our last meeting which was on May 23rd, things in my store have really changed. You were 100% correct when you told me that it was all my fault. As a manager, sometimes we want to blame our staff for the results that we get. In reality we need to be blaming ourselves. WE are the reason that these things are going on in our store. You were very straightforward with me (which I can appreciate) and really made me think, and you were right. I thoroughly enjoy our conversations and look forward to the next one!”
David M. Store Manager
“Michael, I can’t thank you enough for the “Project One More” training! It has changed a lot of my perceptions about my roll and the idea behind ready now. I’ve made my team come up with commitments to ensure the ultimate customer experience at our store! Thanks again.”
Shaun A. Store Manager
“Mike, I just completed my 2010 reviews with my staff. In nearly all of their presentations they stated that you have added a ton of value and they were excited about the coaching process. The team feels that because of your work with them, they are better coaches and better managers. Thanks Mike for the effort and the delivery in 2010. It is making a difference.”
Marty H. District Manager
“I am liking this new stuff (coaching) a lot! I never really thought about it before but you were right, I started taking my opinions out of the discussions and making them do the talking and typing and it makes things so much easier. They like it more and I get to just sit back and listen to them coach themselves.”
Adrienne H. Store Manager
“I just got off the conference call that Mike Walker gave about interviewing and recruiting and again I would like to reiterate my want, no my NEED, for Mike to come to my market and give some training courses for my managers. At the minimum could we please get him over here for Power Interviewing? I have counterparts that have been to his trainings in Michigan and I can see the results in their districts performance. I want that same inspiration for my team.”
Daniel A. District Manager, Wisconsin, Universal Wireless
“I just wanted to say thank you very much for the very timely training class in Farmington Hills that I attended Wednesday. You definitely rattled my cage so to speak! I always strive for 100% but can always use a wake up. I had many interactions today where your reminders and insight came perfectly into play. I just wanted to shoot you a quick message to let you know how much I and our team benefited from your speaking.”
Cara S. Lead Sales Rep- Orbit Tech Communications
“Michael – what can I say? You are the Man! You are an absolutely dynamic presenter that makes people think! We truly appreciate you taking the time and playing a big role in our event! If I would have sat in anymore of your sessions you would think I am stalking you.

Yanna D. Indirect Sales Manager
“I just wanted to take the time and thank you for putting together such a great training. My employees really enjoyed the time and felt that these types of trainings were worth every minute. My guys were motivated and very energized. A couple of them couldn’t stop talking about Michael. Great job as usual for putting this event together, it really shows us how much you get involved in our business and that means a lot to us as dealers.”

Ray Y. Principal Owner, Digicom Cellular
“I took a lot way from that training. He brought to light issues that can be easily taken care of. He was very up-front and real with us and I really appreciated that. He really got me thinking about the things I do, and do not do. I feel more confident and focused coming out of that training.”

Kyle H. Sales Consultant
“Michael was an excellent speaker, I love his enthusiasm, it’s GREAT!! I wish he could come to Burton one day and watch us intervene with our customers here. Plant the seed and SLOW DOWN when talking about the item. I really do think this six-pack will work. Thank you Mr. Walker!”

Lakevia W. Store Manager
“I thought the training was very helpful and motivating. I feel like Michael’s positive energy really brushed off on me and has given me more confidence to do things that I wouldn’t have done in the past. Now I have been asking for sales from every customer and taking my time with each customer that comes in. Since I have done this I have already noticed an increase in my closing percentage. Since I have been taking more time with customers I have been getting the “WOW” that Michael talked about.

B. Delauter Sales Consultant
“That meeting was so exciting for me! It was motivational and reassuring that things will keep getting better with some of the issues that I’ve been facing. I took almost 8 pages of notes to constantly remind me of where I want to be! How do I differ from any other sales person? So I’m ready to make tons of money and get tons of sales!

Jessica T. Retail Sales Manager
“I really, really enjoyed this training. Mike was a great speaker, very enthusiastic and impressionable. His presentation definitely proved the communication percentages study allowing a lot of what he spoke on to stick. The information that was shared was all very good and specific to the main selling points, short and sweet – allowing us to really focus on our delivery to the customers. All in all, I know I have taken a lot from this specific training. It’s easier to grow when you have someone before you who is encouraging, uplifting, and pouring into you the wisdom/steps needed to prosper in a way making us feel like we are awesome sales people who just have untapped potential. Thanks Mike!”

Shavonne B. Sales Consultant
“Michael is a charismatic, engaging and powerful motivational speaker. Michael has a firm grasp on the subject of customer satisfaction, and what it takes to deliver the ideal customer experience. Not only does Michael possess a strong understanding of what it takes to be successful in business, but he is capable of conveying this message in a highly impactful way to any group he interacts with. I would most definitely recommend Michael to any organization that is looking for a world class trainer.”

Scott H. Indirect Sales Manager - National Retail Channel
“Michael is a leader; innovative and driven and has a keen sense of where the market is going and thrives on bringing out the best in others. The level of detail in his work is impressive! He brings talent, creativity, energy and passion to everything he does. If you want to take your company to the next level of growth and performance, Michael is the guy to do that!”

Linda C. Executive Assistant to Regional Vice President
“Michael is an excellent trainer/classroom facilitator. His presentation style is unique, energizing and very motivating. He challenges participants to grow beyond what they already know and requires them to commit even more based on learning new material. It was a great experience for me to see Michael in action. Also, Michael is an excellent performance coach/consultant. He drives managers to take ownership and improve their results. Michael’s dedication shows in his approach and focus on results beyond a training class.”
Yanna D. Indirect Sales Manager